"Why am I having to train so hard today?" I ask ducking the stick Capricorn swings at me. Well, he's actually sat down a little way off watching flicking his fingers which is how he's controlling the movement of the stick.

"Cause of the election" Capricorn says making the stick swing at my legs which I don't have time to jump so I role with the fall coming back up on my knees.

"The election?" I question, raising an eyebrow. Maybe this was what Illiana and Aries were argueing about.

"Yeah, to become the head Zodiac. Your father asked me to train you so you can try and win it" Capricorn say and I feel the stick hit my back causing me to fall onto my stomach.

I push myself up and duck then dodge the stick. "But what if I don't want to be the head Zodiac. I mean its not like anyone is going to vote for me" I mutter lowering my head then setting the stick alight.

Capricorn sighs heavily and stands up. "Saggitarius, you need to do this. Aries is the only other one trying and trust me, from what I hear if you tried you'd probably win. If you don't I'll have to try and I can't deal with the resposibilities like you could. I'm an Ex-Dark Reaper, that would effect a lot and not in a good way"

I look down at the floor. Am I really going to try become leader of this when I don't know squat or will I let Aries take over???

The End

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