I hugged Sable tightly as I tried to fall asleep. Today had been rough and I really needed to sleep especially with Capricorns mentions of master training tomorrow. I am not looking forward to finding out what that is.

Then Sable had been gone all day either watching Aries or going to see Pegasus when I told him to. Apparantly she liked him to which wasn't very common. The animal bound can only link to the consort bond if its strong. And the proving of how strong our bond was only seemed to irritate Aries a little bit more.

What was he up to? Is what I want to know. "Ellie, you need to get some sleep" Sable whispers kissing my cheek. "Its not gonna help if you tier yourself out by worrying over this"

I sigh heavily. "I know but I can't not worry about it" I say looking up at Sable knowing my eyes look sad and worried. I've done nothing but think about what we saw all day. Much to everyone annoyment at shot practice. I swear I will pay for that vase even though I don't know what Reaper money looks like.

"Ellie" Sable says sternly. I sigh again and bury my face in his chest which at the moment bare. I draw circles.

"I can't help it. My mind seems to be most active when I'm trying to sleep after a worrying day" I mutter. Okay, understatement. Its been a dreadful day..... and why can't I just stop thinking?

Why can't I settle down to sleep and ignore all these thoughts passing through my head? I look up at Sable whose face has gone very worried and I lean up to kiss him. "I'm fine. Really" I say with a smile.

He 'hmm's not totally conviced but lets my rest my head back on his chest. He falls to sleep before I do.

The End

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