Back in Ellie's room, I start pacing up and down the walls. Aries and Illiana are up to something - as if that wasn't already obvious. What do they mean, when the new leader is elected? I'd have thought Titan was the top dog around here indefinitely... unless something happened to him. Already my mind starts bringing up images of conspiracy theories, but I squash them rapidly. Now is not the time or place to start thinking ridiculously. Even if Illiana did call me a piece of dirt.

"What does this mean?" I mutter, still pacing restlessly.

"I don't know, but I don't like it." says Ellie. "We ought to tell my father."

"Would he believe us?" I reply. "I wouldn't bet on it after today. He'd think we were pulling his leg, and gods know what sort of trouble that could land us in. Besides, suspicous though it may sound to us, we don't have enough evidence for it to mean anything to anyone else."

Ellie sighs. "I guess so. But we've got to do something! Can't we spy on them or ... I don't know!"

"Relax," I say, coming over to sit on the bed beside her. "I can keep an eye on things when you're out training. You watch Aries, I'll keep tabs on Little Miss Stressy for a bit. Who knows, it might just be a one off."

Ellie still doesn't look convinced. I loop an arm around her and rest my head on her shoulder. "It'll work out." I say. "One way or another. And we've still got each other, right?"

She smiles. "Yeah. That's true. But I still don't like it, what if they really are up to something?"

"Then we'll be the first to know about it. Trust me Ellie, I have my ways of keeping track of people I don't like. We'll keep a watch on them, and the moment something suspicous happens, we'll tell your father. It's going to be alright, I promise."

However, as confident as I sound, even I'm beginning to have my doubts. There's something going on under the surface here, carefully hidden, but there none the less. And something tells me, whatever it is is about to come back to haunt us.

The End

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