Broken AriesMature


When we finally find them its not how me and Sable suspected. They are snapping at each other angrily.

"I should never have become your consort. Everyone knew that you wer hated by all the Zodiac. The only reason there was almost punishment set cause Titan's daughter was involved" Illiana hisses.

"How is this worse than the time Gemini set the bathtub to fill with bugs?" Aries hisses back.

"Cause you can't do anything about it" Illiana snaps. "You were the weakest Zodiac then and you are now. No way are you going to be vote leader"

"I will become the leader of the Zodiacs. Everyone knows not to cross me" Aries says his teeth bared.

"Yes but they seem to be favoriting Saggitarius now and her piece of dirt consort" Illiana says pulling a worm out of her hair and flicking it away.

"Illiana, I promised you the world.... I will get it for you" Aries says taking Illiana's face in his hands. He leans down and kisses her.

Me and Sable look at each other then jump off the balcony and run to my room. "I thought everyone hear was either a Light reaper or human!" I say shocked.

The End

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