Hmm, No parent approval.... Too Bad!Mature

He smiles and I lean into kiss him. "ELLIE!!!!!" Titan's voice pierces the air and I wince painfully.

"Come on, Titan. Its hardly her fault and you can't stop Sable from being himself" Capricorns voice speaks out. Both me and Sable look down to see Titan striding over to the tree Capricorn following trying to reason with him

Titan stops before the tree. Almost coming to the height we sit in the tree. "Ellie, you are grounded from seeing Sable for five weeks" He snaps.

"What?!?" I yell shock. He does a yanking montion and I'm pulled from the tree and Sables arm's to the floor in front of Titan. "You can't ground me!"

"I can. You are my daughter and a Zodiac and your behaviour is unexceptable" Titan snaps.

"No parent approval" I snap at him getting to my feet. "Too bad that I don't care about what you think"

"You can't force them apart Titan. He's her consort" Capricorn adds. Titan grinds his teeth before looking at Sable.

"If you involve my daughter in one more of your pranks, which I actually don't mind, I will banish you from here" Titan says. I gasp and stare open mouthed as he walks off.

"Sorry, Saggitarius" Capricorn says patting my shoulder before walking away. I fold my arms and pout and Sable jumps down from the tree.

"Cranky immortal" Sable mutters pulling me into a hug.

The End

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