Revenge is SweetMature


Ah, revenge. One of the sweetest tastes the world has ever developed. The sound of Illiana wailing like a scared child is music to my ears, and Aries' irate roaring is just another part of the symphony. I snigger as I hear door slamming behind him. I tug the rope experimentally, causing the bucket of worms hung over the branch below us to tremble slightly. Come on Aries, I think, come and get us. Wouldn't want to leave you out of all the fun now, would we?

True enough, Aries storms towards us, teeth bared and positively boiling over with fury.

"You!" he points at me accusingly. "You foul, sneaking little rat! How dare you do this to my consort? I'll see you punished for this!"

"What are you going to do, fry my brain with your anger aura?" I reply, smiling condescendingly down at the furious Zodiac. "Come on, even you should have seen this coming."

"Your father will hear about this!"

I have to grab a tree branch to keep from falling out of the tree in hysterics. Tell my father? Is that the best threat he has? As if I care what my blasted father thinks, or what any of these pathetic, whinging snobs decide to do with me. Ellie nudges my elbow and points at the bucket. I grin and pull the string.

"If that's the best you can come up with, I'm afraid it's just too bad to go unpunished."

Aries looks confused for a moment, but his bemusement soon turns to horror as he finds himself covered in the slimiest combination of insects and garden filth I could concoct. He roars and lunges at us up the tree, but we're too far up for him to be able to do any more than scrape the edge of my dangling foot with his fingernails.

"I'll get you for this!" Aries howls, eyes bulging and face purple. "I swear, you will pay for this the both of you!"

"Get a life." I reply, sticking my middle finger in the air and pulling a face as Aries storms off.

"He's pissed off now." says Ellie. I nod,

"Yep. I swear if he was any angrier he'd have steam coming out of his ears."

"We are going to get in so much trouble for this."

"I know ... but I wouldn't have missed out on doing this for the world."

The End

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