A loud scream pierces the quite that had settled. This scream caused both me and Sable to burst out laughing me almost falling from the tree. Luckily Sable captured my arm before I did. "Okay, now I think about it... that was mean" I giggle.

"Admit it though. Funny. As. Hell" Sable says smilinh and leans in so his lips brush my cheek as he speaks. I shiver and Sable smile before I pull him into a kiss. He kisses me back pushing me up against on of the sturdy branches.

Then I almost fall again. This cause Sable to chuckle. "I don't get how you can stay so well balanced up here" I mutter pouting. Sable strokes my cheek.

"Lets just say its like you with your bow. I have a natural instinct of balancing" He says with a smile.

"Mmmm Hmmm" I say letting my arms wrap round his neck and sitting down in his lap. "You know Aries is going to kill us for doing that to his piping on Illiana"

"I plan on it" He says pointing down at a thin piece of string across the lawn then pointing out a bucket full of worms and mud. I hold back a laugh and Sable smiles leaning in to kiss me again.

"SABLE!!!!!!!! SAGGITARIUS!!!" Aries voice yells throughout the whole place.

The End

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