Reconnaissance Error Acquisitions Personnel. Evaluation and Recovery. Aka, Reapers.
When Ellie Winters meets a Dark Reaper who wants her soul and kills her to get it... she doesn't expect to find herself a spirit trying to avoid but falling in love with him.

Reconnaissance Error Acquisitions Personnel. Evaluation and Recovery. Aka, Reapers.
There are two main types of reapers. Light Reapers are who stop people from dying before their time. And Dark Reapers the ones who are out to get mortal souls before they are meant to die.
The common Grim Reaper is a reaper who has decided to change from Light to Dark and are the lowest class.

Never be on the Dark Reapers top ten check list..... Because most never get to there last true breath. And nearly everyone spends the rest of eternity serving them.


Ellie Winters

"Oi" I yell out as a young man shoves past me. He looks back grunting then carrying on his way down the park path. Why the hell did I take this route?

Oh, yeah cause Drake was a jerk. I heave off a big sigh. I'm going to have to apollagize to him tommorow. I mean I don't really want to break up with him he's a sweet kid really. All tusseled blond hair and bright green innocent eyes.

He's so adorable that nearly every girl at school wants him..... and he wants me. I give off another sigh then suddenly see something up ahead. I stop and tilt my head watching the boy leaning against the tree.

I can't see much of him but I can tell a few things. He's looking directly at me with really dark eyes I could swear they are black. His hair is short and spike and has a dark shine to it. He's very pale and wearing completely black clothing, then in his hand is a object on a chain which he is turning over and over in his palm.

"Hello, Ellie" The words were so clear that they felt like they were spoke right next to me. They were also so inticing, pulling me in by something really deep in my chest.... I guess you could say it was my soul.

"How... How do you know my name?" I whisper stepping back now having a feeling I should get away and fast.

"It doesn't matter" He whispers in my ear. I jump at the fact he's now directly in front of me and leaning close but he takes a firm hold on my arms. "See you in the morgue"

Then a sharp pain to my heart and everything goes black.

The End

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