Some of the Nightmares Began to run after the lone human said " Is that it? Because if it is, Its my turn!" 

But others had a look of intrigue. So the battle continued. He ran to the closest one slicing the evil blade through it's throat. Ducked the Nightmare trying to dig his claws into the lone human. but it failed as it missed and was stabbed by the the lone human.  The Dragon running down the middle of the blade began to light up the dark world.  The sword began to heat up waiting for all the power bottled up to be released.  A massive horde in a final attempt to eat the deadly human. They charged.  But it was to late for them all as the Lone human swang the blade releasing a flame. Killing  most of the horde. The survivors ran like vampires running from a thousand suns.  He put the sword in it's scabbard. The sword probaly just saved his life.

" Hey your Name , and Unit patrol." A human voice comanded.

" Erm. I don't remember my name or anything at all for that matter." The man said.

Silver then stepped out of the shadows. He was little startled to see who he was talking to didn't look completly human. He had Red eyes , long black spikey hair, his unhuman aspects was this dark like metal growing on him like a plant on his torso.

" What happened to you?" silver asked him.

" I only remembering waking up in a small pit. With this evil Blade beside me." he answered Silvers question

" I see. Well I guess I'll take you to the underground." Silver said.

" The underground?" he asked

" Where the remaining living humans now live." Silver answered as the opening a round metal door leading to the underground. 

" Oh since you don't have a name I'll just call you One for the moment." Silver said

" Thanks. " One answered. 

" Hopefully we have a record of you so we can call you something more human. If not i'm sure the elders will give you a more befitting name." Silver said.

Something troubled Silver about One though. He slayed a horde of Nightmares single handedly and he wasn't exactly non evil looking.


The End

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