Screeches From Above

The screeching was coming from somewhere above their heads, Spink was sure of it. Horrific noises of yowling and shrieking, definately not human. The mere sound of them was enough to make the hairs on the back of his neck rise and he cowered closer to Silver, who was standing stock still and staring up at the meters of rock and earth above their heads.

"Sounds like a fight up there," he said, more to himself than Spink, "Perhaps one of the other patrols ran into some trouble. Certainly sounds like the Nightmares are getting a good kicking whatever it is."

Spink nodded mutely, still gazing up towards the sounds of the noises. There were several long moments of silence before, finally, Silver spoke again.

"Get back to the den, tell the others I'm checking something out. If I'm not back in an hour then start on Lockdown. Get going, it'll be Black Hour soon."

Spink gaped at him, opening his mouth to protest but once again Silver silenced him with one look of his ice-pale eyes. Nodding grudgingly, Spink turned and darted off down the tunnel towards the den while Silver took off back towards another manhole further back along their route.

All of a sudden the sheer lonliness of the tunnels seemed deeper than ever.

The End

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