Nameless one's strength

After killing the nightmare the dragon running down the middle of the blade glowed momentarily. The wielder felt a rush of power flowing through his body. He knew the sword was evil. Taking the life out of the enemy and transforming it into power. Then giving it to it's wielder. He sheathed the evil blade  ,and continued on his sensless wanderer. Now knowing the presences he felt were predators. 

It was getting darker and more powerful presences were emerging.  The nightmares keenly drew near.  He drew his blade.

" All right  nightmares. Are you going to just look at your next meal or are you going to eat it?"  He said not knowing what was in stock for him.  

A slasher with some intelligence revealed itself  "Your mighty cocky human." it sneered , "  And maybe your oddness might back it up. But no human has escaped us."  It said as more nightmares revealed themselves all being the more dangerouse kinds of nightmares. 

" well maybe i'll be the first one to escape." He said. Not knowing how much danger he was in. 

The slasher laughed " Devour it." 

A group of Slashers went for the lone human.  He jumped out of the  way of the storm of claws. Then swung his blade  in counter. blood sprayed from his enemies as they turned to extract their revenge. More claws only missing him by inches  as he jumped back.  One of the slashers  jumped ahead of the group.Which then the lone human took the oportunity to impale it on his evil blade. More power coarsed the him. He threw the much bigger creature off his blade.  The other slashers were upon him. In one  large right to left swing he cleaved them all in half.  Even more power was brought upon him. The rest of the nightmares bewildered by the lone human's actions.

" Is that it?"  He said menacingly , " If so i believe its my turn , right?"

The End

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