Usha hummed to herself as she skipped away from the founain. Her cut was slowly jealing at her side and she felt almost refreshed.

She jump up to a tree and swung herself to sit on the branch.

"Didn't expect to see you here Usha" Usha turns her head to see another nightmare swing up beside her.

"Oh, Iron" Usha says shocked. Iron was a Hunter but a rarer kind one that while not hunting during twilight had the will to come out during it.

His hair was cut short and black and his skin was very pale. His teethe were really sharp and he had claws insted of hands.

"Heard you were slightly cheeky earlier. That you defied your brother once again" Iron says smiling.

Usha roll her shoulders to release the tension. "Yeah, well at least I know he won't kill me" she says looking back at him.

"You should join back in the hunt Usha. I'm sure you'd enjoy it" Iron says leaning closer. She turns her head away and looks down at the fountain.

"I prefur bait that I can torment, the more we hunt them the less they'll be and then they'll be nothing to do" Usha says shrugging.

Iron sighs. "You're a very complicated female, Usha" he says jumping to the floor. "My offer still stands you know, I'll be here when you're ready"

Usha sighs. If only I'll ever be ready, her thoughts whisper.

The End

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