Going Underground

As Silver slammed the bolt beneath the manhole shut, Spink breathed a sight of relief. It was over, this whole utterly terrifying and utterly mind-boggling experience was over. After what felt like years of running back through the swiftly darkening streets, always terrified of what could be waiting around the next corner, he'd never been more grateful to smell the sour stagnant air of the sewers in all his life. Judging by the look on his companion's face, he felt the same. The run-in with that strange Nightmare, a Silent he thought it was called, had evidently freaked Silver out. Despite the determined, calm look on his face, Spink could see the fear blazing in his pale grey eyes and the tension in his white-knuckled fist as he forced the last of the Anti-Nightmare locks into place beneath the cover. Although not visibly armoured from above, this was one of the more heavily guarded of the secret entrances to the Tunnels. Not in the least because it cropped up right in the heart of the territory of the larger Nightmares.

"Come on," said Silver, squeezing Spink's shoulder gently, "Let's get back to the others. It'll be the Black Hour soon, we'd best get moving before anything comes out. We don't want to be smelt out down here."

Gulping nervously, Spink once again resumed his rapid jog, keeping doggedly close to Silver, despite knowing he was back in the safety of the labyrinthine tunnels he'd grown up in. He knew every passage like the back of his hand and every crack in the wall was familiar to him.

But whether it was what had happened that night or something else entirely, Spink had a horrible feeling that these tunnels weren't as safe as he'd always presumed.

Something was telling him that they weren't alone.

The End

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