Usha gasps for breath and slumps to the floor.

Curse Traug and his traveling clowns, Usha thought to herself.

She groaned getting to her feet and streches her arms. Then she hear the sound of a sword and she jumps to the left as it passes through the place she was.

"Uh" she groans. "Thought I'd lost you" She rolls her shoulders and rotates her neck.

"You sent Nightmares after us" Silver hisses. Spink has his sword out to but it's shaking like no tommorow.

"Oh, they found you" she says. "Well, my diversion was a waste of time"

Usha slumps to the floor and rubs the back of her neck in pain. "You hurt" Silver whispers.

Usha loos down at the large gash across her side that slowly spilling sliver blood. "Oh" Usha says slightly taken aback.

"You only just realised" Spinks says shocked.

"Well, Nightmares don't really feel much pain" I say shrugging.

"It's bleeding so much" Spinks whispers.

"In can see that human!" Usha shouts, then she winces as her lungs scream in pain.

"You helped us we'll return the favour" SIlver says offering his hand.

"No human" Usha says forcing her body to get to it's feet. "You don't need to help me. I will be fine be the next deep night"

Then Usha turns on her heels. "Besides even if you say you won't kill I would still be dead by the time I reached the exit"

Then springign up to the roof Usha heads in the direction of the night fountain. Healing place of Nightmares.

Lets just hope Traug ain't there. 

The End

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