Nameless one's encounter

The Nightmare had spotted the lone human and was stalking him until he finds the appropriate spot to ambush him. But nightmare wondered why was he alone human nowadays humans travel in packs. there was also something a little different about this human his facial appearance wasn't completly human , and niether was the rest of his body what was he? " Oh well its only food " the nightmare thought.  The nightmare went up ahead and found his appropiate ambush spot.


 The voices he heard had disapeared. But what replaced his curiosty was the shadow stalking him. He had felt its presence long before he saw it.  Up ahead was a large crumbling castle wall and the shadows presences indicaticated that it was at the top.

" I can feel your presence up there shadow there is no need to hide." He said. Not knowing that what he was talking wanted to devour him.

The shadow leaped at him claws extened. The man drew his blade out ducked  and sliced the midsection of the shadow.   It wasn't dead but it was wounded badly enough to not be able to fight.

"What are you , and why did you attack me?" He asked .

It laughed  " You don't know?  Im a nightmare and I eat your kind." 

"Well then. Die." He said calmly said while delivering the final blow.

The End

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