The Mysterious Canon

Canon collasped against a nearby wall, her eyes just barely able to see the destroyed city around her. How long had she been running for? How had she managed to escape from the creatures that chased her? Closing her eyes didn't help, she was in total darkness, all except from the strange light that bellowed out from a shimmering jewel, which she kept hidden beneath her shirt.

Dark eyest ried to look through the darkness, but it was too much to handle. She pushed herself from the wall, her hood falling off her head, revealing her long  white hair and pale skin. She reached for her Stormblade, the only momento she had from her travels with her past group.  She began to walk, only allowing the jewel to lead her way when she felt she was in danger. She had been walking in the world of darkness for ages now, and the constant sense of danger never really left her. But for the moment she felt safe, all though she was sure the Nightmares beady little eyes were following after her, waiting to take her life.

Just like they did with th others.

Suddenly a loud roar bellowed from behind her and all most instinctively she slid to the left and pulled the jewel from within her shirt, illuminating a small circular area with it. And there standing on the edge of the light was a nightmare. Her memory stretched back to when there leader explained that this one was called a Slither. She watched as it's body slithered across the ground watching her. Behind her, she could hear the sound of more ready to strike her down. She frowned before grasping her sword with both hands, and rushing towards the Slither.

Canon slashed downward, feeling metal meet flesh before it hit hard concrete. She whirled around blocking a strike from behind. The Slither reached around with it's other hand, before she felt a Spook grab onto her back, pulling her down to the ground. She swung her sword once again, cutting away and the Spook before kicking away the slither and leaping back to her feet.

She raced forward once again, swinging her sword in smooth motions, all most as if she were dancing. But the more she fought back the more, Nightmares that seemed to come. She frowned, before she took a step back, and then looked at the jewel around her neck. She shook her head, before she continued to step back, wondering if she ran would she be able to get away. Suddenly the ground fell from beneath her and she went falling down.

Canon screamed before falling into the hard ground below. She groaned, rolling onto her side, before she heard the sound of somethin cracking. She slowly opened her eyes and looked up, seeing that the ground had literally come apart beneath her feet, and above the Nightmares were getting ready to come in after her. Pushing herself to her  feet, Canon ran and watched the pillar that kept the tunnel up suddenly collaspe blocking her only means of exit.

I can't deal with much more of this...

She said to herself, as she sheathed her sword. Canon quickly wrapped her hand around the jewel before tuning around and walking deeper into the tunnel. There was no where else to go, and she wasn't going to just sit there, and wait for someone to find her. She had learned that the first night on her own. As she continued to walk, the sound of voices floated into her ears.

All most automatically Canon began to follow those voices. Throwing on her hood, she continued on her way, hoping she would find what she was looking for.

The End

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