Stay away brother

Usha saw her brother as he ran down the streets. A Silent like she was but a tiny bit different his eyes were not silver but black wholes of nothingness.

Usha jumped down from the roof, making her brother and all the Nightmare's bahind him come to a halt.

"Usha" Traug hissed. Her name passed back through the crowd.

"You will not have these ones brother" Usha hisses through her teeth. Traug begins to laugh that echo and sends a shiver up your spine. He smiles at his sister revealling blood stained sharp teeth.

"I think I will be Usha, I am ruler now you have no right to stand in my way" Traug laughed.

"Really? Oh well then" Usha says. Then she jerks her body kicking her brother in the head and taking a road to the left leading the hunt away from the human trail.

"Usha" Traug hisses. "Humans are for killing"

"Yeah but all the fun would be gone then" I shout back at him before pushing myself harder down the streets. It's gonna be a long Deep Night.

The End

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