Things that go bump

The 'Nightmares' as the puny humans called them now ruled the surface. It was their time to gloat and celebrate, which they had been for a while.

Traug, as he would be known to the humans, sat on his throne, the tallest building in the capital city. His eyes, deep dark souless chasms that they were, swept over the entirety of the area. His ears, keen and could hear a pin drop a mile away, listining to the chatter of his minions as they loitered about. But he was listening for something else, something more... profitable. And then he heard it: the shuffiling of feet on the dark cold oppressing pavement.

In a heartbeat he had disappeared from his throne and suddenly reappeared beside a group of his minions. Those nearest him stumbled away as they were taken by surprise.

One of them, a tall lanky creature known as a Slasher to the humans, knelt quickly at his appearance.

"My lord," the creature hissed. The Slasher's talons/claws, were grungy, even to the usual Slasher, but that was probably on his preference though.

"Theren, how's our prey?" Traug asked. His deep voice rumbled throughout his minions bodies, instilling fear into their already dark souls.

"It's going well my lord," Theren replied after a slight pause. Traug's voice did that regularly, only his most trusted lieutenants didn't flinch... when he wasn't yelling at them, "We have them right where we want them."

Traug smiled, but in that wicked way that showed his sharpened, darkened teeth, "Good, then let's enjoy the hunt brothers." And with that, he swooped in with his claws out and ready to strike. This is what he lived for and hopefully, it kept up.

The End

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