You're gonna hurt someone with that

Usha put's her dagger and watches the living Spooks and Creepers run of like chicken.

She turned to face the humans. "Your gonna hurt someone with that" Usha says as Silver begins to pull out his sword.

"See ya" she says begining to turn. She felt a point touch her back.

"What are you, Nightmare? And why did you save us?" Silver hisses.

"I'm a Silent and I saved you cause while I'm a Nightmare I prefur it if you humans didn't go extinct cause of our childish behaviour" Usha says each word truth and no space inbetween the words to prove it.

Silver lowers his sword and Usha turns.

"Do you know what a silent is Silver?" the human looks a little taken aback by his name.

"No" he says through his teeth.

"We're the rulers of Nightmare's" Usha says then suddenly she's behind him and leaning next to his ear. "And I'm the most resent" she whispers.

Then she's back infront of them a smile playing on her lips. This is what I like, Usha thinks to herself.

Live bate that you can torment.

Silver glares at her. "Doesn't that mean if I kill you the Nightmare's will die?" Silver hisses. Usha shakes her head.

"I'm not a legitamet ruler anymore since I saved a humans life and killed a Nightmare. It is my twin brother whose in charge and he's way more dangerous than me" Then Usha gone from the human's sight back to the top of the roofs.

The End

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