The Nightmare watches the two humans walk carefully through the streets. She was perched high on a roof top.

She dare not approach them in fear of her life. She was just a Nightmare to them.

She sigh. She was a very rare Nightmare which were only born once every thousand years.

They're called Silents. Their eyes are always silver, no pupils or irises just silver. Their ears are sharp as are their teeth.

Their skin is pure black to blend with the night. Then their hair is black as well, She has hers cut short and spiked up at the top.

She stands slightly and walks along the roof staying.... well silent. She follows the humans and grips the hilt of her nightblade dagger.

"Silver" the younger one hisses. She looks further down the street. Ten Spooks and 12 Creepers.

"Oh their dead" She mutters and watch them try to run but it's to late. The Spooks and Creepers have them surrounded.

She jumps down into the scenter of the commotion. "Hiya boys" She says to the humans then turn to kick a Creeper in the head.

The End

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