Protected by wolves

I dream starts

I was walking home from school, and boys were following me threw the woods. I ran and one of them tripped me up. they started kicking me really. I could was curl up on a ball and try forget about the pain souring threw my body.

Then I heard growling in the trees and 3 wolves came out circled us the boys stopped and stared at the wolves. looking scared. one of the wolves leaped forward and pushed the boy over who was holding me down. He went flying into a neary by tree.

The fled away, wolves licked my wounds clean, tears roled from there eyes and they healed my cuts I was amazed by what they did, I looked at each wolf carefully. Biggest one (Alpha) was  completely black with contrasting bluse eyes, the secand biggest was a deep brown with dark hazel eyes, the last one was more grey and had but of black and his neck was white. The were bigger than me but I wasnt scared.

Every day one of them would follow me to school I would ride on there back, and the same coming home, I seemed to a telepathic link with all of them after that day and we understood each other. No-one everr hurt me again, I was know was as the "Wolf spirit"

Dream ends

Such a nice wished it was true =]

The End

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