Pirates, Teachers, and an Inconvenient Kidnapping

It all started in my school. At first, it was a normal school day, with learning and such. (Although what I did learn was really strange, like why it was illegal to paint the walls on the left side of your house orange.) .  About the time of my fourth class I went to this classroom that you had to go through a tiny locker to get into. The teacher (I’ll call her Deblu) in this classroom was the only teacher in my dream who was not a person in my real life. She had very tan skin, brown hair in tight curls, and was wearing a royal blue, really heavy and uncomfortable looking suit/dress thing. This teacher was apparently my friend, and was also the librarian. Today she asked me to help bring in some new books from her car. I went outside from a side door to get the books, and instead of standing over a parking lot (My school is on a hill) I was standing next to a HUGE ocean. Out of nowhere, a really cheesy, stereotype pirate ship sailed next to my school and I was kidnapped by a pirate who was also very stereotypical-He had a parrot, a peg leg, and a hook.

He called himself Captain Beluga.

He said "I am very sorry to kidnap you today, but I've only rented the boat for the weekend and was unable to schedule a more convenient day to kidnap you."

I replied. "Well, Thursday would have been much more convenient, but I'll still be able to cower in fear today. Just call ahead before you kidnap me again, ok?"

"Ok, I will." He then drew his sword and began to direct me below deck.

Now, Deblu had been watching the whole thing from a tower that had just sprang out of the school and ran down to tell the principal I was being kidnapped. The principal thought Deblu was lying and had actually thought Deblu had kidnapped me (Oh, and Deblu had somehow transformed into a man). The principle thought pirates where too overrated and that “She was kidnapped by evil pirates” was the oldest kidnaper excuse in the book (He actually had a book of excuses in his hand.)

So he called the police to arrest Deblu, but not before Deblu convinced the other teachers that I really had been kidnapped by pirates.


Somehow it went from day to night and all seven of my other teachers were gathered in a classroom. They were having a secret meeting on how to rescue me. Apparently my science teacher was a ninja; my English teacher was a secret agent; my math teacher kept a machine gun in his desk; and my history teacher could shoot lasers from his eyes.  The other teachers could chuck books at the pirates, so they figured they’d just be able to ambush the pirates and use their awesome skills.


They suddenly were in a plane and they jumped off of it onto the pirate ship, grabbing ropes and swinging on deck. A huge battle broke out, everything going in slow-motion and really dramatic music was playing in the back ground. The teachers won. (They were all wearing grass skirts and leis for some reason.) Suddenly I was in this little interrogation room.  This guy wearing sunglasses and a black suit walked up to me.

“I’m sorry, but there is no time to rest after the exhausting events of today.” He paused. “I have to tell you something impor-“


And then I woke up.  

Sorry this is long. I just really remember this dream for some reason . Go ahead and laugh if you want, I mean I did! :O)


The End

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