"I Hacked The Universe."

It all started with me and my brother riding in the back seat of a car (not any car I've ever been in) and he was typing on a laptop. I couldn't see who was driving because of a thick plate of tinted glass. We were in some real urban area, the kind you just want to reach out and lock your doors as you go through. My brother was typing away excitedly at the laptop when all the sudden he turns to me and says "I found it!". Next thing I knew, we were teleported into some big lush forest. For some reason the tinted glass was gone, and we could see that the person/people in the front were gone.

My brother hopped out, followed by myself, and I could tell we were in a Halo 3 map. I yelled "What did you do?" He very calmly told me "I hacked the universe."

The next thing I remember, I was running across snow covered rooftops with a dozen or so other people, that I somehow knew were thieves, and that they were helping me. We were making our way to a big glass and steel castle, drawbridge and spires and all, so that we could steal something of great value. I had a map, and I was telling the thieves to sneak in the back.

We were jumping from rooftop to rooftop, making our way around the castle, when we were discovered by a huge, roughly potato shaped airplane, that had a minigun on the bottom and four propellers keeping it up. It started shooting at us, and the thieves all jumped to the ground, while I stood up there and yelled "You can't hurt me, I'm invincible!"

That is when I woke up.

The End

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