Ok then...

My dream began.

I was sat in my room with my three friends; Steve, Chris, Callum. We were all talking. The boys stopped talking, and stared at me. I was a white doe. I changed back.


I was standing in a field, of flowers, trees, fruit, and sun. No evil, or death could enter here. I laid back, asleep, a red rose clutched in one hand.


I stepped over the border from the field, and stood in a grassless, dark realm. A huge fortress with towering turrets and spikes loomed over me. I had black angel's wings on my back.


I was back in the field, lying down, the rose clutched to my chest. 14 friends sat around me, joining hands, staring, unblinking eyes. My boyfriend broke the circle, leaning forwards, kissing my lips. I sat up, the rose to my heart. He moved back, joining the circle. They stared at me, eyes unblinking. Then, one by one, they held a rose to their herts, and let themselves drop backward, in a circle around me. I stood, walking round the circle. Thier dead, glassy eyes stared up at me. Then thier mouths began to move, saying,

"This is your fault. You killed me. This is your fault. You killed us."

I woke up, screaming at the top of my lungs.

The End

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