It all started in a circus.

I was relatively young, and was watching a circus show that has many puppets in with my mother. I sat there happily watching it, until a tall man with a puppet on his arm and a black top hat walked up to me and took my hand, taking me into the centre of the ring. 

He lay me down on a metal table, and strapped me in. I was screaming and crying, and when I looked at my mother all she was doing was smiling. Suddenly, everyone in the audience became puppets apart from my mother who now sat there giggling. 

The puppets all came closer, and knives appeared in their hands. They towered over me somehow, and smiled as I cried and screamed. They started cutting at my toes individually, one by one. It was one of those dreams where you could actually feel it, they feel the knife slicing through your skin. 

When all of my toes were gone, I woke up. 

And that was the worst nightmare I had ever had. 

The End

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