It started with me in a random shopping area.

Out of nowhere a wolf pack appered in front of me, and kidnapped me. They took me to a creepy abondoned house surrounded by snow. They opened the door (this is normal wolves I'm talking about, not were-wolves, normal fluffy killer wolves!) and walked in.

They pushed me into a living room, and started to surround me. Then the weirdest thing happened. They started to talk. Wolves actual wolves started to talk! Just imagine a little girl with long brown hair, standing in the middle of a random room with talking wolves surrounding her.

"We should just kill her now. Eat her, the young are hungry!" One said.

Another said, "No! We shall see what she is like."

Next thing I knew, I was running up lots of stairs, faster than the wolves. I reached a back room, slamming it shut behind me. I pushed a table in front of the door; an attempt to stop the wolves from getting in.

"You won't stop them, not like that!" I turn to see a cub behind me. Yes, it was talking.

"Yeah right." A ten year old version of me says.

"They'll stand up, knocking it down that way." The cub was right. "And they won't stop because I'm in here!" It grins.

I run to a ledge, climb up onto it. I crawl along it, I get to a window and push it open. The door cloaspses behind me; I jump out of the window and land in soft snow. I look up and the wolves aren't there. I start walking down the snowy street, which for some unknown reason, it had street lamps down the side.

That is where I woke up.

I know this is an odd dream for a ten year old girl, but that is how it went. I remember waking up and thinking, 'I didn't know wolves could stand on their hind legs...' I thought I had learnt something from my dream, it was very odd. Five years later and I still remember it... =D

The End

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