It all started with the sherbert. I'd had far too much during the day and had now crashed after a major sugar high that had incited me to do some truly bizarre things.

The dream I was about to experience would be even more bizarre...

I dreampt I was sitting on the back of a huge rainbow-striped snake, a pair of reins gripped firmly in my left hand and an insanely long sword in the other. I was dressed from head to foot in some odd kind of armour that reminded me distinctly of camoflage-painted chainmail. Ahead of me were amassed hordes of my enemies, round furry creatuers with overlong ears and freaky pop-out eyes and clicky beaks.


I wheeled my snake-thing and found myself facing an army of the most bizarre creatures I had ever seen. Unicorns, dragons, multi-headed barbie dolls, little orange stick-figures, giant toads that sounded like foghorns and thousands of other creatures too wierd to describe.

Next thing I knew, I was delivering a truly epic speech about defeating our greatest enemies and reclaiming our land from their foul furry clutches. Emitting a battle-cry that sounded something like: "Wagglalagawaaah!" I spurred my snake thing forward and startee hacking Furbies apart with my freakishly long sword.

After spending what felt like hours but was probably only a few minutes doing this, I stood truimphantly over the body of my last foe and shouted: "Victory is ours this day!"

Amidst the roars and warblings and chitterings of agreement, I found myself leaping high into the air and beginning to bounce insanely high and fast around the battlefield, whooping with joy as I went.

That is when I woke up.

The End

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