It all started with;

Me and my friend Jade were on the train to Southampton for the Kerrang! Relentless Tour. We got there fine (our mum's had been panicking about us getting mugged) and had about 2 hours before we had to be at the Guildhall to get a decent place in line so Jade decided she was going to go to a shop. I said I was going to walk to the Guildhall just to see where we had to go (since we're out of towners) so off I went. There were these signs everywhere that said "This way to the Kerrang! Relentless Tour! Rawr! Oooh, look, I made a rhyme!" so I followed them and ended up in Canada. Only I'm not sure it was Canada. It was a field with snow and a cardboard sign that said "Welcome To Canada!".

I looked around "Canada", deciding it wasn't the K! Tour and came face to face with a guy who called himself Refresh. He started shouting at me "What are you doing in my country?! I'll kill you with the snow!" but a bear appeared and ate him. Just like that.

I left "Canada" and got back to Southampton about a week later. For some reason Jade was still there and it turned out I'd missed the show (well, I had been gone a week) and Jade had gotten a "birthday" kiss from Sean Smith and Alex Gaskarth.

That is when I woke up.

The End

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