It all started with...

I was in school, making my way to the science block and someone tripped me up. When I turned to see who it was there was no one else in the corridor but me. So I just stood back up and continued to chemistry. I arrived a few minutes later and everyone was chatting away but I noticed something perculiar. The only word they would say was "fail". I truned to my mate Ashleigh and asked her what was going on but she seemed to have the "disease" too so I was stuck on my own being the only one who could actually talk properly. Even my chemistry teacher was saying it. She was passing out test results and handed me mine. I got an F and everyone said in unison "FAIIILLL!!"

That is when I woke up.

This is an odd dream because it was just before my chemistry test which I had revised for non-stop. And I ended up passing it :)

The End

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