Shadow Hand

It all started with;

The whitewashed room seemed to be sitting on a slant, there was a highback window that allowed the stream of light into the room. The room had no door and the corners where shrouded in shadows.
A chair sat in the middle of the room and there was someone sitting on it. The person was deathly white and wore a white dress, I don't think they had a face. They were holding this crystal flower in there hand which glinted in the stream of sunlight.
A hand reached out of the shadow and stab the person with a knife, the next thing I knew I was the person sitting in the chair with the flower. I was the one that had a knife stabbed into them, I couldn't move and my vision faded and then I felt like I was falling. There was a shadow hand reaching towards me and there was a crystal flower still in my hand.

That is when I woke up.

The End

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