Realm of Dreams: Book of Dreams

Have you ever had a dream that you wanted to share, and you might have been to scared to tell anyone? Well this place is where you can write them down. It can be a dream or a nightmare that you have had, you can make it a story, poem or just what you saw. It could be that you where being chased by something scary or by a giant marshmellow!

The only rules are that if you read something posted by someone you cannot tease or scorn someone on it, or laugh at them unless it was meant to be funny. (if you writing a funny one write this is meant to be a funny one at the end)

It cannot be mature in any context please.

Respect peoples writing and don't say anything to offend them.

Start you dream/nightmare telling with

'It all started with;'
And end it with
'That is when I woke up.'

Otherwise have fun in this realm of dreams!

The End

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