Overpower the nurse.

So you decide to intice  a riot!,  Grabbing the bed pan and a hair brush. You skip down the corridor singing in the loudest voice you can muster,  A Waren Zevon classic "My S****  F****ed" Up!

This little fake plan of madness  sparks  a riot.  And a damm good one at that! Mary who has been in bed for the last week,  saunters out of her room,  slowly she attempts a jump, with her dead weighted drug induced body. Within a couple of minutes her feet take off the floor and she is jumping just as well as a teen at a punk concert. She then starts clapping her hands!  screaming something about not eating female onions!  . This action catches the attention of the man sitting in the reading room pretending he is reading a book, and  that he comprehends what he is reading .  But I know he does not. His  mind is nothing but a fog.   suffering a horrible medication hang over from   the "Seroquil" he'd been given , the day prior  to keep his mania at bay. Still he manages to run out of the reading room right smack into the action.

 He then turns to me and starts screaming about all the noise!, Slowly he starts laughing , rocking back and forth . I guess that is his reaction to the  the life inside of me.  The life he wished he could have back, before the Lithium.  Before this drug chopped off all emotion and life making him  a  walking zombie.  He joins in on the action. Throws his book as far as he can,  Ironicy titled "Lets all Sing" Because I am operating with a specific plan, I asume he threw the book with the intent of  aiming it  at the two orderlys stationed down the hallway guarding the foyer entrace doors .Slowly at first , they walk towards us. Followed by a  determined sprint,  By the time they reached me , the entire activity room was empty, All the patients were out in the hall.  All the patients left their beds and joined in. Singing their own words to their own song.   I krept back out of eye sight, hid behind a door. When I saw that the orderly's had their hands full with a couple of the other patients, I ran as fast as I could to the front doors... I did not look back,  I ran passed the parking lot, down the street. Threw off my blue  hospital gown into a nearby bush.  Nothing but my boxers and a t-shirt on.  Stopped for a moment to catch my breath, only when I knew I was out of sight of any Physciatrist. 

Looking at my feet , I decided to keep my Sponge bob square pants slippers. If someone stopped and looked at me, I would just tell them, these slippers were a gift and that  I was running after the garbage truck, that I had missed that morning.

yeah ! . What a fantastic plan!  It worked! 

verse 1
The End

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