Grab the power saw.

The power saw is a hefty device, but its weight feels comfortable in your hands. You feel its power flowing through your veins and become painfully aware of the situation. Some dreadful octopus creature in the doorway is wreaking havoc throughout the institution and it seems that you might be the only one who can stop it. The young security officer who lay dead on the floor was a coward and a slave to procedure, his kind, the self-proclaimed 'sane', would be of no use in a situation like this. The helpless nurse that huddled in the corner shivering seemed unaware of the beast that was even now making threatening gurgling noises right outside the door!

"Don't you hear that?" You demand of her. She stares at you, utterly horrified but completely silent. You motion to the door. "We have to stop the monster! Here, grab one of those needles, maybe you can paralyze it somehow!"

She rose cautiously, still trembling, and slowly made her way to the container of surgery equipment, all the while casting nervous glances at you or the door. You stand tense and ready for combat, facing the door with all your intensity. More and more tentacles begin to ooze into the room, and you think that you can now see the head of the terrifying creature.

"Hurry up, woman!" you urge the nurse. "Grab the most powerful drug you can!" You rev up the power saw, now fully prepared for battle. "You'll have to go first," you tell her, "so you can stun it. Don't worry, if it looks like it's gonna hurt you I'll cut off its tentacles." You expect for your courage to rub off on her but to your dismay she doesn't make a needle-wielding run for the door. You turn around just in time to see her heading for you, eyes glowing green and snake-tongue flickering madly about her face. The needle seems to be headed straight for your neck!

The End

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