You lie defeated in your bed, awaiting your medications and pending brain surgery.

"There's no use fighting it." You think to yourself, allowing your heavy eyelids to close. Just then the door flies open.

"They've infiltrated our defences!!" a horrified young busted through the door. "They'll be here any sec..." Mid-sentence, a tentacle impaled the man, wriggling through his chest.


You jump out of your bed in a split-second. "This is not the time to let my mental illness disable me!" You look around the room desperately looking for something to use as a weapon. You spot a large shard of glass near the corpse of the young man. There are also an assortment of sharp surgical tools on a tray next to you, along with a power saw that will be used to cut open your head.

The nurse shakes uncontrollably in the corner.

The End

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