The invitation was a last minute thing; I remember I almost didn’t go, funny how falling down the stairs in heels can put you off the idea of a night out.  I did debate not going, but only for about five seconds, I had been asked to go to a comedy show by a friend who I had known for some considerable years, and I knew he wouldn’t forgive me for flaking out on him at the last minute, because that’s the kind of guy he is.  Plus, from everything I had heard, I really wanted to meet my friends bandmate, being the egocentric that he is, I wanted to meet the man my friend called talented.

          When I was invited I was told it was a fairy formal evening, so it gave me the perfect opportunity to wear the expensive dress I’d just snagged for a song, the only problem was I had no shoes to wear with it.  I know, before you fall off your chair laughing, this was in the days before I got my heart put through a blender, before the days when I bought shoes to replace the lack of love in my life.  Back then I had only about six or seven pairs of shoes and the ones I wanted to wear with my dress I had loaned out to my cousin.  So that’s why I ended up running to her house about three hours before I was due to go out to get the shoes back.  The only problem was she’d kind of half broken the heel of one of the shoes, but I figured as long as I didn’t plan on doing anymore running for the rest of the evening I’d be ok.

          Unfortunately, I hadn’t taken into account the problem with trying to walk down stairs in the heels and further to that, I probably shouldn’t have been talking to my step sister as I checked my bag before leaving.  End result?  Down the stairs she goes.  Luckily I didn’t go over the edge as then I’d have had more than a strained ankle to deal with.  So sitting at the bottom of the stairs laughing so much I nearly cried I am glad I decided to go out anyway.  

The End

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