The End of The Beginning of The SolutionMature

"Where are you off to?" Oh crap. Almost at the office and then comes and English accent. 

I turned around, "Maggie! You're back!" 

"Yeah, I was feeling better later in the morning so I decided to come by at lunch and catch my afternoon classes." 

"Right. Well, I have to go. But I'll see you later kay?" 

"Wait, where are you going?" 

"Oh, Mrs. Chase wanted to see me about something. Come 'round to my place after school?" 


Making sure Maggie was off on her way, I slipped into the front door of the 'Counseling Department.' Hardly a department really, 3 offices and 3 counselors. 

"Oh hello. Can I help you?" Oh dammit, what was her name? Um... Right! Ms. Conway. 

"Um--" I can't finish the sentence. Choke. Oh my god, I can't do this. How can I talk to someone who hasn't got a clue?! Ms. Conway's probably going to think I'm a total idiot for letting my life screw up in front of me, and not coming to her earlier. And then she's going to start comparing my life to hers, which, at a guess, involves the perfect husband and perfect children - at the right age! 

"Um, no. Sorry, I think I'm supposed to be at the P.E. office. Whoops. Sorry." 

I rushed out of the door. The P.E. office?! Nice one Amanda. Very convincing. Okay, this talking to a total stranger is not going to work. I never understood counseling, therapy, and whatnot anyway. I mean, how is someone who barely knows you supposed to help you? Help you live your life? 

I'm talking to Maggie instead. She's smart, sensitive, motherly and well - English. 

The End

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