The Beginning of A SolutionMature

You know that song 'Everywhere' by Michelle Branch? Well, Brad is most definitely everywhere. It's half an hour past midnight and I'm sleepy as hell, but I can't sleep. Why? Because I'm afraid of my dream. I am undoubtedly going to end up dreaming about Brad. Probably about a wedding with Brad, a life with Brad - and that's exactly what I'm trying to avoid right now. 

You know how people always say "follow your heart?" Well the thing is your heart doesn't have a brain. And that's exactly why people do stupid things in love and life - because your heart doesn't think. It doesn't know, it just guesses. 

Maybe I should talk to somebody, you know, like a head shrinker. But then again they cost 400 bucks an hour and I don't have that kind of money, and if I ask my parents to get me a frigging therapist, I'll have to explain everything first. So bad idea. Or I could just talk to a counselor. 

The ones in school seem nice enough - definitely cheap enough, seeming that they're free. 

Wait, why don't I just talk to my Melissa or Maggie? Or someone who knows me? No, bad idea too. It'll probably get around to the guys and they can't quite keep their mouths shut. 

Counselor then. That seems to be the one and only option. Tomorrow (or today actually, it's past midnight) at lunchtime. Just to talk. 

The End

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