Passing NotesMature

"No Brad. I am not going to marry you. You had your chance and you blew it. The end." 

Oh god, I can't do this. He probably went to bed last night celebrating my hesitation and the relief from not hearing my rejection. Dammit. I do not love him. I walked into the geography room, trying not to make eye contact with Brad. Two frigging periods, great. 

"Please pay attention to the powerpoint and take notes" Ms. Taber instructed. 

I could hear Melissa tearing a piece of paper. I did too. Instead of saying it and making a fool out of myself, I might as well get it done and over with impersonally right here, right now before he thinks I need more time to think about the most obvious answer. 

I wrote "no" with my black pen and gave it to the girl next to me and pointed at Brad. She was tempted to look at it, and I didn't mind if she did. I wouldn't have minded if she even knew why there was a "no" - it's about time people realize that jerks like Brad Joyce deserve to be rejected every now and again. 

She gave it to him and I saw him open up the small, uneven piece of lined paper. He didn't even look back at me - instead he flipped it over and wrote something and handed it back to Jenna avoiding my eyes.

I was scared to open it. Scared that it would say something like, "I understand," or "I probably deserve it," or anything noble as such to win me over a little more. 

I opened it up, slowly and carefully ignoring Melissa's psssts.

"You don't mean that." This was worse than anything noble because deep down, in all honesty - he might be right. 


The End

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