A Full Time JobMature

Marcia Winger for a partner. Great. This'll be interesting. I'll do all the work and she'll get half the credit. Perfect. 

I got to my front door and put in the key. I could hear Daniel crying even before I got in. 

"Good, you're back. I have to get to a meeting, I think he needs his diaper changed," My mom said hurriedly.

"Okay thanks. See you at dinner." She rushed out the door in a frenzy, I went over to Daniel's crib and picked him up. 

"Ooh, it's okay baby. Mommy's here." I rocked him a little back and forth, his crying started to die down. I got a new diaper out and changed his nappy. It took me less than 5 seconds - I was pretty much an expert at this stuff by now. 

I put him on the floor and he hugged my leg, "Mama! Heyo." 

"Hello sweetheart! Mommy's going to do homework now okay? You want to sit with me?" I said with a huge smile, it made my day whenever he beamed at me like that. 

"Heehee. Yeth pweath." He laughed a little and he climbed on to the sofa with a small grunt of struggle. 

I laughed as I got out my books and went to the kitchen to get us something to eat. Daniel liked white bread the best. He doesn't eat anything else for a snack nowadays. 

"Ooh. Bwead." He smiled as he accepted the food. 

"What do you say when someone gives you something?" I asked him in attempt to get him to practice saying thank you. 

"Uhh. T--T-..." He whined at the fact that he couldn't remember. 

"Thank you. You say thank you." I told him very slowly. 

"Heehee. Teyo." He smiled triumphantly. 

"Right. Mommy needs quiet now to do her work okay?" 

"Yeth pweath." 

"Good boy. I'll only be a while." I got down to doing my spanish research assignment whilst Daniel sat next to me scribbling with his crayons on a piece of scrap paper. I stared at him lovingly and started to wonder if things would have been different had Brad been part of Daniel's life. I didn't know whether or not Brad would have been a good dad. Maybe if he took responsibility of Daniel he might've even changed. Who knows? But the worst part was, I began to wonder. Randomly after waiting a whole year. This wasn't particularly a good sign. I couldn't possibly let myself fall into the trap again... 

The End

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