A Year LateMature

Great. Just what I needed... 

"Amanda, you can't keep on avoiding me." 

"I can't talk right now Brad." I tried not to look him in the eye even though he was only a meter away. 

"What do you mean you can't talk right now? It's frigging lunchtime." 

I ignored him and packed my history things into my bag and started towards the door. I wasn't going to let him trap me into one of his little schemes again. I can't go home to two - I'm 17 for goodness sake, dammit! 

"Jesus Amanda. It's been a year!" 

Blood rushed to me head, I clenched my teeth, and spun around instantly. 

"Exactly! It's been a goddamn year since all of this shit happened Brad. And you can't even take proper responsibility; you left me there all alone, as well as the one person in your life that should really matter to you! And you expect me to talk to you in a civilized manner?!" 

"I never asked for you to talk to me in a civilized manner, just to talk to me Amanda. And I didn't mean to leave you stranded like that but things just went down the wrong way." 

"Ha, yeah. You didn't mean to abandon me so, did you? You've always run away whenever things got hard. It's nothing new for Brad "Number 8" Joyce."

Silence. We just stared at each other for a split second. 

I walked out of the room and sat on the bench outside the cafeteria. 

What the hell just happened? I don't know if I just reinforced the fact that I am a total idiot or if I finally overthrew the bastard. Wait a sec, my thoughts just need to fall into place...


Okay. I have concluded that I just made myself look like a damsel in distress because of him leaving me, therefore possibly further enlarging his ego - if that's at all possible. I also gave the impression that I hated my son and sounded like I was already hitting a mid-life crisis. A mid-life crisis that's been going on for a whole, rather unfortunate year. 

Ha. Basically I just poured my stressed soul out to a guy who doesn't even give a damn. 

Crap. This is not good. (And in the frigging science room, I mean honestly). 

...Oh. Oh. Español. Crap. 



The End

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