Perfect TimingMature



It was Melissa. Yet again.


We were in science, a lesson I actually enjoyed disregarding what others may say about Mr. Haller’s infamous spit problem and endless lectures beginning on topic and soon, leading off onto his past experiences in Australia.

Melissa, or Mel for short, was one of my best friends. She, annoyingly enough, had a habit of consistently passing notes in this particular subject, involuntarily getting me in trouble. I had tried numerous ways to avoid such situations (including telling her face to face- which didn’t work in the least), and had now come to a conclusion that nothing would make her stop.



“WHAT?!” I whispered, successfully managing to sound frustrated and annoyed.  She backed off a bit. Timidly, she nudged a small piece of paper into my hand. I grasped it firmly and thrust it under my folder.


She sunk back into her chair, disgruntled, and continued to copy down the word equations on the board.


Brrrring. The silence broke and everyone started to pack up. As we filed out of the classroom, Mel grabbed my arm in an attempt to avoid the traffic.

“You did it again Mel.”

“I know! I’m sorry! I was just getting so bored.”

“You’re just lucky that Haller was facing the board and not us.”

“I know, I know. I need to get it out of my system.”

“I think that’s a good idea.” I smiled at her. She responded with a sheepish grin. We had approached our usual table where Adam and Paul were already deep in conversation. Their discussion ceased the moment we neared them. Mel promptly plopped herself next to Paul and looked skeptically at him. “What were you guys talking about?”

“Oh nothing. Just… guy talk.” Paul replied rather awkwardly.

As I sat down, Mel and I exchanged looks.

“Anyway”, Adam interjected, “where’s Maggie?”

“Margaret Elizabeth Shaw is currently unable to come to school as she is down with an absolutely horrid cold.” Paul joked, in his awful imitation of Maggie’s English accent. I punched his shoulder.

“Is she ok?” I asked, genuinely worried.

“She’ll be fine. I think she’s coming in tomorrow.” he said, clearly amused.

“Ya ya… I know you’re really excited!” I teased.

“Shut up Amanda!” he said, going a shade pink. We laughed.  

Please tell me you brought in the history project!!!” Adam exclaimed suddenly, making me jump.

“Yes. Chill. It’s right here…” I felt around in my bag. “It was here in the morning. I swear!” I looked inside. It wasn’t there. I started to get frantic. “Oh my god! Where the hell is it?!”

“Did you leave it in the science room?” Mel suggested. 

“How would I have left it in the science room?!” I argued. “No… wait a minute” I recollected my thoughts. “It might be in the science room! Thank you so much Mel!”

“Anytime hon,” she beamed, obviously very proud of her helpfulness.

“I’ll go find it. Adam, if I’m late to Spanish, tell Señorita Chantal that I was at an activity,” I breathed as I ran off.

The noise and colours ceased the moment I entered the corridor of the science block. It was dead. I dashed towards my class and hesitantly opened the door wary of the fact that a class may be on. It was empty too. I glanced at the floor and there it was. A lonesome poster alongside a pink folder. I snuck in and as I bent down to pick it up…


I swerved around only to face the person who I was attempting to avoid since the beginning of the year. Brad. 

The End

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