Reality CheckMature

Brrrrring. The bell. School. Brad. I'm in deep shit. Again. 


"Amanda! Amanda, wait." I could hear Brad's agonized, apologetic voice behind me. I didn't look back. Who would after what he'd done? "Come on Amanda, I need to talk to you!" 

Oh! But, Jesus, he's so frigging hard to ignore! I've never met a more shameless, self-centered person in my life but his velvet voice and his chocolatey brown hair - and his eyes. Like deep, clear lakes of indigo... Snap out of it Amanda! 

"What?!" I exclaimed, turning around abruptly. 

He wasn't there. Instead the freshman in front of me stared at me like I was a blooming idiot. Ha. That I was. Or at least ever since I met Brad, my brain suddenly became mush. 

"Right, sorry. I thought you were someone else..." I gave an embarrassed chuckle and an unconvincing smile as I turned around. 

Anyway, as I was saying. Brad has this charm. It's sort of like a hook, but it's an upside down question mark. What I'm trying to say is, he claws you and you think you've finally found the perfect guy. The one us girls always dream of - handsome, smart, and funny. And he wants YOU. Not the cheerleader, not the prom queen (both of which are usually Marcia Winger), but no. He wants YOU.

So you go out a couple of times, things are going well. All of a sudden your social circle is twice as big and you're famous. You feel confident and sexy and every time you walk through those grey fading doors of what we call "high school," it's like you're on the red carpet. 

Until he leaves you randomly. And that's where it gets even more cliche. But the thing is, my story doesn't end there. He left me - hell yeah. A year ago he left me broken and lost. He left me with a smaller social circle than to begin with. Not to mention I was still crazy about him. And he left me pregnant. 



The End

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