This is your basic story, I'm just starting out so constructive criticism is welcome. It will get better once we get further into the story and there will eventually be a twist. There's a possibility that there will be a different point of view opportunity for different intense characters that you'll be introduced to. I need readers! So give it a chance and I promise you won't be disappointed! Thanks (:

I didn't have my coffee this morning, which means I'm cranky. Trudging down the hallway of Hants East Rural High is not the highlight of my morning, especially since I have a math test second period. I'm half asleep, slept in late, had to run to catch the bus. Hell, I didn't have time to put on my make-up, let alone make a coffee.

"Morning," Adrianna's voice greeted me. I turned around to face her, noting that she had a Tim Horton's mug in her hand. "You look like shit, by the way." I glared at her, "I slept in, I barely had time to get dressed this morning, can I have a drink of that by any chance?" She shrugged and handed the mug to me. "Relax, I was only joking. You can have the rest if you want, you'll need it - we have PE first period." 

I was debating weather I should ditch class or not as the mug engulfed my palm in heat while I grasped it. It must of been at least -5 outside this morning. Ah, Canada. We maneuvered our way through the mass of people in the middle of the hallway, heading towards gym. You could consider Adrianna to fill the 'best friend' slot in my life, even though we have only known each other since she moved here two years ago. She's at least a head shorter than me, but a good friend otherwise. 

"Hopefully we're doing badminton or something in gym today, at least then I'll be somewhat good at it." I spoke slowly as I took a swig from the mug, and winced as it burnt my tongue. Gross, it was bitter. She drinks her coffee black?

"It tastes like shit, eh? That's because my mom bought new stuff that I'm not used to." Adrianna laughed while I downed it, sliding through the gym doors just as the bell rang. I shook my head and walked into the changing room. I slipped my shirt and jeans off, pulling my gym shirt over my head, and pulling on my shorts. 

"No, it tastes like shit because you drink your coffee black, without sugar," I looked over at her. She sighed, worn out. I applied deodorant under my arms and tied my hair back into a loose pony tail. Picking the mug off the tiled floor, I passed it over to Adrianna. She crossed her arms, 

"It's not my fault my doctor prescribed it that way so -" I cut her off, rolling my eyes. Realizing she's told that story various times on various occasions, "so you stay alert, yeah, yeah, I know." I shoved my change of clothes in my bag and zipped it shut. 

"Why do you have to be so negative? Smile! Today is gonna be a good day, I promise." Adrianna laughed, pushing me out the door and into the gym. We sat down on the bench, waiting for the announcements. I faked a smile,

"I'm not being negative, I'm being realistic. And hopefully it will be, but I'm not looking forward to my math test next period." I watched as Mr. Sherry brought out supplies for the 75 minute gym class. I hate gym in the morning, it leaves me tired for the rest of the day. 

"Suck it up." She spoke after the announcements. Something about Bible Study? Yawn. Quit smoking club? Screw that, I'll go nuts. Meeting about the musical? Hmm. I contemplated as we formed a circle around the mural of the school's mascot. Go tigers! Not. The musical might be fun though. 

"Six laps, then grab a soccer ball and a partner. Go, go, go!" Mr. Sherry instructed and I broke into a sprint, jogging around the gym, once, twice, three times. I was already getting sweaty, and I suck at soccer. 

Shit. I should of ditched when I had the chance.

The End

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