Real? Or Not ~ 18

"Can I get a walkie talkie too?" Mycayla whispered. "I like to be in on things too." Aro rolled his eyes. Mycayla had been too excited about everything from the beginning.
"No. Leave the technical stuff to the experts." He began to sneak forward again, motioning the others to stay where they were. Aro looked through the dense foliage at the woman and the Experiment
"No, they haven't moved." He said quietly to Dallas through the earpiece.. "I think the old lady figured it out." He heard a twig snap behind him and spun around. Mycayla was standing behind him, looking defiant. "do you want to give away our position? do you have any idea of the danger we coul--" Aro froze instinctively, cutting himself off mid sentence. His eyes, and the eyes of everyone else in the vicinity were on Artemis.
"Aro?" Dallas said. "I'm in the dark here, my eyes are turned away from you. Is somthing wrong?"
"Dear God Almighty..." Aro said in a choked whisper before the com device went dead.

Dallas's tail shoved forward with a sudden concussive blast. Both rotors of the sturdy aircraft whined in protest to the sudden reflex of air. The piolt seat was empty, but the inner workings of the craft were occupied. In a frantic haze, Dallas pulled the stubborn aircraft around and the rotors skipped a beat.
Destruction, pure bread and ugly stared at Dallas through the few cammeras he was able to look through. Gnarled roots and trees littered the ground like dominoes spiraling outward. "Aro?" The call through the line was not recieved.
The infrared camera's only hightened his sense of dismay. Pinpoints of light winked from the fallen trees. Survivors. Friends. The landing struts bent under the force of a rough landing, and the deafining roar of the turbines and rotors keened into a lower groan. The loose wiring that Dallas had been able to create now served as his exit from the aircraft console. He heaved the door open only to be met with a mass of hot fog. Steam. The air outside was horribly hot, and the first sight that greeted him was not a pretty one.
Preston, or whatever he was, was burned one shade of red. Bright red, like a roasted lobster. He took a hesatant step outside and his second step met somthing softer than ground. Unmistakeable. "Artemis!"
She was out, her face flushed from the heat, but no where near Preston's furious degree of burning. He carefully lifted her into the cargo bay, her clothes hot enough to hurt, and her hand slipped meeting the flesh of Dallas's arm.
He didn't scream, but the iron brand he felt on his arm hurt worse than what a scream could convey, and his sudden lurch back awoke somone else. "Ohhhh...jimjams. I think I'm gonna hurl."
Allen came to next to an unconcious Mycayla. His head spun tremendously. And when he looked around, feeling like he had been spat out of a tornado, he could almost believe that he had been. The destruction was tremendous. He spotted Dallas kneeling, hunched over somthing, and Artemis's hand hanging out of the chopper. Allen stood on uncertian and unsteady feet, bracing his hands against his knees so the vertigo could wash out of his system. He couldn't remember much, other than a blinding flash, and sudden intense heat. Moments later he was being pulled into the helicopter. Mycayla followed, then Dallas cradling his arm, Alex was right behind.
"Lets go home," Jack said softly when all were present. So, before the steam cleared, the helicopter was off and flying towards Simpany.
Allen and Dallas flew the helicopter and quietly talked about what they were going to do next.
“You know Dallas,” Allen said, “the whole ‘Cut off the snake’s head as soon as it grows back’ theory is getting kind of old, every time we cut off the head, two grow in its place, I think we need to cut off the head, chop the body into bits, and turn the bits into a snake smoothie.”
“You don’t mean,” Dallas began, wincing as part of his shirt touched the nasty hand print burn on his arm.
“Yeah, I do," Allen replied "Now, I think we should all lay low for a while, I'll discuss plans with base and contact you when we're all ready to begin the next plan. The first thing that we need to do is get everyone to a safe place to be intercepted by their parents, and then prevent them from leaving that place. Then, when the preparations are complete, we will pick them up and launch phase two."

The End

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