Real? Or Not ~ 16

In the lobby of the plaza hotel some fifteen minutes later, the lady working the late night check-in desk looked at the friends, a fake smile plastered on her face.
"On a school trip children?"
Allen nodded lightly, pulling an odd tool from his back pocket. "Yes ma'am, we'd like to request a room."
"Two rooms," said Jack. "One for girls, one for boys."
"I want my own room!" groaned Josh.
Allen turned around, "We'll get two rooms, that's as far as I'm going- deal with what you get! It's just one night!" He turned back to the attendant, pulling his tool out in front. After a moment, the attendant's eyes glowed, went back to normal, and then she smiled and led the group down a hallway.
"What was that?" whispered Saia.
"Simple mind trick. She'll take us to the most luxurious rooms in the hotel and she already thinks we paid in advance," Allen stated, not even smiling as though it were a strictly-business schedule.
"Here you are, children!" The attendant sang, handing one set of keys to Allen and the other set to Jack, then leaving back to the lobby.
"Awesome!!" cheered Jack, having opened her door and seeing the royal-style room. The other girls rushed in, giggling.
Allen tossed the boys' keys to Dallas. "Go on in and get settled. I'll be back." He walked down the hallway.
Dallas shrugged, then opened the door and let Josh in before going in himself.

The girls slid under their covers. Jack had plucked a book from the room's bookshelf and turned her bedside lamp on low.
"....Are you guys worried about Allen?"
Saia yawned. "What makes you ask such a question, Mycayla?"
"He's been acting strange lately."
"Peh, he's a boy. They act different every now and then, let him alone and he'll get over it eventually," muttered Annie, turning over in her bed and immediately falling asleep.
Mycayla groaned.
"She has a point, Mycayla, let it rest," Saia sighed. "If he's acting different, he may just need some time. If he wants to talk, he'll talk."
Mycayla sighed, slightly annoyed. "Fine..." she curled up in her bed.

Allen sat atop the hotel, staring into the distance. His eyes were glazed as though he were stuck in a trance, deep in thought.
Allen turned around, startled, to see a new boy standing a few feet away on the roof.
"Thought I'd find you here, 919."
Allen blinked, confused. "What are you doing here?"
The boy came and sat next to Allen, staring to the same horizon that Allen had a few moments before. "Just enjoying the earth. Can't I have a little relaxing? Don't expect me to be locked up forever, 919." The boy smiled, ruffling his dark hair. "I guess I don't have very long though, eh?" he chuckled.
Allen was still flabberghasted. "Why did you think you'd find me here?"
The boy laughed. "You're Agent 919. One of the most obvious Agents hidden in plain sight. I can find you if I want to find you."
"You can call me by my name, you know..."
"Yeah, but why waste such an impressive title?"
Allen shrugged, then looked out in the distance again. "So what are you really doing here?"
The boy sighed, "Well... I worry about people, you know. I outta check in every now and then..."
Allen nodded, understandingly.
"What are you doing here? All hidden away from people?"
"I just needed some time to think."
"...About what I'm doing with my life."
"Well, it's something you love, isn't it? Saving people? Being a protector? What's to think about?"
"....Whether the choice was worth it."
"I may not be an agent," laughed the boy, putting an arm around Allen's shoulders, "But I can tell you it definitely would have been the choice I would have made if I were given such an opportunity."
Allen smiled, "Yeah, I guess you're right."
The boy took his arm back and stood up. "So then.... How.... How is she?"
Allen shifted nervously. "I'm really not sure. Artemis was... kidnapped."
"She and Alex, together... we don't know where they are. We're trying to find out, though."
The boy was silent in thought. Allen shifted more nervously.
"Don't act so nervous, after all," he chuckled, "You're Agent 919! You'll find her, I know you will."
Allen stood up as well, smiling back, "You know... you really are so much like your sister..."
"Yeah, I get that a lot," the boy chuckled. "I might have a few contacts that could help you out, I will see what I can do."
"Oh great," Allen said Sarcastically, "I still remember last time you sent some 'contacts' to help."
The boy chuckled again, "Well, I bid adieu to the great Agent 919. I'm sure we'll meet again."
"Certainly, Davyd."
The boy leapt over the edge of the roof, quite literally vanishing into thin air.
"Allen, you up here?"
Allen turned to see Dallas poking up from the other side of the roof.
"What on earth are you doing up here?"
"Nothing, I was just returning downstairs, in fact."
"Sometimes, you scare me."
Allen climbed down and the group fell asleep.

Back in the room a little while later, there was a knock on the door.
“Ok, everyone, get ready to get out of here as soon as I find out who is behind that door,” Dallas said.
“Oh come on,” Josh said, “it’s probably just room service.”
Allen stepped in front of everyone and opened the door.
A figure in all black with an array of very proficient looking weaponry hanging from his belt ran in the door, he pulled out two strange looking pistols and pointed them at Dallas and Allen.
“Hands up,” the figure said in a deep voice.
Dallas started to raise his hands when Allen said, “Ok, enough of the theatrics, I know it is you Aro.”
The figure lowered the weapons in mock sadness, “How did you know?”
“Many reasons,” Allen began, “First, those weapons are grappling hooks, second, I know your voice too well, third, the symbol is on your right glove,” Aro looked at his right glove, “You didn’t bother to take it off.”
“You always had the eye for detail Allen,” Aro said as he took off his hood.
“What supplies did you bring?” Allen asked.
“The works, we have another copter landing on the roof, I have an assortment nif weapons and grenades, and we have hologram projectors, smokescreens, and mass incapacitating weaponry.”
“Impressive, we will head off in the morning.” Allen concluded.

The End

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