Real? Or Not ~ 15

"Hello? Hello?" called a voice from above. Jack slowly opened her eyes to see Mycayla standing above her. "Gimme a heart attack, why don't you? Where were you guys?"
Jack groaned. "Don't ask."
Dallas chuckled, stumbling around. "Allen, I will never time travel with you ever again." He tripped and fell, still laughing. "Huh, the ground is moving..."
"Allen," Jack said simply. "Why is Dallas acting strange?" She winced again, silently wishing for some advil or tylenol, or something.
"I dunno." He replied. "Maybe time travel doesnt agree with his system."
"That is IT no more time travel!" Jack quoted, then laughed. "Can we go somewhere, cant you just order up another helicopter or something. We have to save Art and Alex. Well, where do we need to go?"
"Well, wait... wait a minute," thought Allen, "How did you guys end up here although we went back in time?"
Josh shrugged. "Well, I'm not really sure- you guys disappeared and then Mycayla and Saia flew us down to the ground, I think..."
"You think, you don't remember how I saved your life when we were falling to our deaths!" Mycayla said, annoyed.
"Nonono thats not what I meant." Josh stuttered, putting his hands up. "It just happened so fast. I'm still dazed ya know?"
"I know." Dallas said, lying on his back. He groaned sitting up. "Oof, ugh." He clenched his eyes tightly. "Although I can't exactly empathize. It was like that in the hospital. Everything was just happening too fast."
"Hospital?" Maycla said. "Either I'm suffering from amnesia or you were some where totally different from us."
"It was before Time Square, when I wasn't exactly...myself." He said reluctantly. "But that's not the point. The point is that we're all tired, worn, and whatever you'd call it, and to top it all off, Artemis and Alex have been taken." He rubbed his eyes.
"And our helicopter is gone." Allen added.
"Yeah that too." Dallas muttered.
"Well, I cant just sit here and do nothing," Jack said, crossing her arms. "But you guys are right, we ought to go stay the night somewhere, get some rest and see if things look better in the morning."
"I could run a quick search of the power lines that are near here, try and find something for transportation." Dallas said hopefully, his eyes glowed red, and his voice cracked in static. "It would be my pleasure." Then he blinked and his eyes returned to normal.
A shiver went down Jack's spine. "Uh, thanks, but I would rather we stick together."
"Lets go find someplace to stay." Josh suggested.
"Ill vouch for that idea." Allen said.
"Me too." Mycayla added enthusiastically.
"I'm game." Dallas said jumping too his feet.
"Um guys?" Josh said.
There was a chorus questioned responses. "New York is just on the other side of the bush."
A second passed. They all lurched into action. "We're in Central Park!" Dallas exclaimed.
Allen groaned. "Not this place again."
"Yay!" Mycayla yelled in excitement. "We can stay in a hotel!"
Jack slapped Mycayla a high five. "This is awesome!"
"We could get find some reliable transportation as well." Dallas mused, slapping his own high five with Allen.
"Um, Could we stay at a nice hotel?" Mycayla said. "Like the Plaza or something?"
at "plaza" the whole group started grinning.
"Good idea Mycayla," Allen said. "I think I could pull that off. A few nights in a really nice hotel should give us time to plan our next steps."

The End

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