Real? Or Not ~ 14

The group sat in the back of the helicopter, completely silent, wondering what to do. The only sound was the whiring of the blades and a ball that Josh bounced off a wall to entertain himself. All teenagers had a ponderous yet neutral expression, as though they were all thinking the same thing, but none of them would say a word.
"Wellp, just sitting around here isn't gonna help at all." Mycayla stood up. "I want to do some recon, anyone want to join me?"
"I'll help..." Jack said, and looked at Dallas, who had been crestfallen because he couldn't follow Artemis and Alex with the strange woman. He was leaning over the controls like a lifeless sack. "Dallas, you wanna come?"
He glanced up uneasily at her, and nodded, unspeaking. Josh stood up, nearly fell over and straightend himself out.
"I'll come too." He said.
"Good." Mycayla said, and opened the door.
Suddenly, the helicopter rocked violently back and fourth, Allen ran in from the cockpit and said, “We were hit with some kind of missile! We are going down! Everyone grab a parachute and jump!”
Everyone strapped on a parachute, but before they could jump, Dallas pointed out the open door and said, “Look!”
They were flying in some kind of dark cloud. No one could see anything outside the helicopter.
Allen said, “Oh fudge, well, I hoped it wouldn’t come to this, but we will have to do it.”
“What?” Jack said.
“We are going to have to use this little device here,” Allen pulled a small box out of his pocket. He pressed a button on the top and it
expanded into a one foot diameter sphere with a small control panel on one side.
“What is it?” Mycayla asked.
“Teleporter,” Allen replied, “fresh off the assembly line. A prototype you will be happy to know, and we get to be the guinea pigs. Put your hand on it and get ready to go.”
Allen typed a long string of numbers into the keypad on the device.
“Ok,” he said, “three, two,” Everyone quickly placed their hand on the device, “one, go!”
Then a rip was opened in time and space and the group was pulled through.

Dallas woke up first.
“Where, where are we?” He asked. His head pounded as he sat up.
He didn't get an answer. Well, he kind of did, if you count Allen's groan.
Dallas looked around and a wave of vertigo slammed into him. He lay back down, waiting for his head to stop spinning. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Allen sit up, groan and lay back down.
"Note to self: Fix vertigo on transport device!" He says to the sky. "Alright, who's not dead, sound off!"
Dallas groaned. "Being dead doesn't sound so bad right about now."
Jack coughed. "Allen, please tell me we won't use that...that thing again." Then it clicked. "Dallas! You're voice is back!" She said, and massaged her temples to get rid of her growing headache.
"Hooray for me." he said and sneezed. "Is anyone else awake?" Jack sat up and looked around.
"No one else is here." she said.
"Wait... what?" Allen stood up fully, glancing around. It was true- only he, Dallas, and Jack had somehow made it to where ever they were, which appeared to be the center of a jungle. "Aw, Krimmity jimjams! This is even worse than before!" He kicked a rock through the trees. "Now what?"
Dallas stood up and used a tree to keep himself steady, then he proceeded to walk along a makeshift pathway.
Jack stood up and gazed at the sky. "Well," she sighed, "At least it's nice weather... if we get going, we might be able to find a nice village before nightfall."
Allen shrugged, then pulled a small device from his pocket and began to press certain buttons.
"Agh!" jumped Jack, "Get whatever doohickey that is away from me! I want nothing more to do with all your fancy-shmancy secret agent gadgets!"
"Relax," muttered Allen, "It's a GPS, and according to it, we're in..." he stared at the screen momentarily. "That's odd..." he said, glancing around, "It says we're in New York still. But... how could that be?"
"Uh... guys?" Dallas called from a bush. Jack and Allen turned around to see Dallas staring into the eyes of a brontosaur.
"OH Krimmity JIMJAMS! They gave me the time machine, not the teleporter! Quick, everyone get back here..." he pulled it out again. Reluctant and groaning, Dallas and Jack put their hands on the machine and once again spun through a vertigo-filled wormhole.

The End

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