Real? Or Not ~ 12

In the dim light of the evening, a neon light sparked and blew apart. The hiss of electricity cracked through and a figure slithered out of the neon tube. His glowing red irises glanced around. He was still wearing the hospital apron, and needed a change of clothes. He growled. 'Where could the others be?' He thought. 'Surely they must be looking for me.' He walked down the street a little ways, unafraid of the dark alley ways. An ATM machine proved useful when he was able to extract a few hundred dollars for clothes and food. 'I wonder where they could be...' he left on a parting thought and continued, looking for a clothing store.

"Land in central park." Jack said, her eyes clear and dry, but determined.
"Right." Allen said pulling the craft into a hover before setting it gently down in a space that was open enough for the craft. As the craft powered down, the whine of the engine slowly decreasing, Allen spoke again. "Alright, were here. He could be anywhere, but this is my best bet. Time Square is sixteen blocks south of here, and I have no idea how to hail a cab." He srugged. "So we can walk if we have to."
"It's pretty easy to hail a cab, just wave, anyone have money for a taxi though?" Mycayla cut in. Allen nodded.
"Of course, it's good to be prepared for any situation" He grinned. Mycayla nodded and waked south towards the street.
"Come on guys, lets get a taxi." she walked up to the street and waved at the cars. after a minute a taxi pulled up, Mycayla stepped back.
"Ta da!" She said with a grin. The group piled into the car. Mycayla climbed in the front seat. Allen and Josh looked at each other.
"Cayla," Josh said. "Have you ever been to New York?"
"Nope. Times square please." She said simply. Allen rolled his eyes. Artemis, seeing the reaction leaned forward in her seat.
"Mycayla, why don't you let Allen handle the technological stuff, 'kay?" she said. Mycayla turned around, looking at Allen.
"I wasn't handling the tech stuff." She said confused. Allen put his hand on Art's shoulder, shaking his head. Mycayla turned around, and Artemis sat back in her seat.
"And we're here." Said the cab driver. "Welcome to New York kids. That'll be $3.95" Allen payed and every one got out of the car.
"Whoa." Glowing advertisements on the buildings lit up the whole square. There were people everywhere, despite the coming darkness. The street was jam packed with cars, the group could not help but stare in amazement at the great lights and electronic achievement on Times Square.
"Nothing looks out of place here." Allen said. "But he would be here if he were in the city. I know that." He sighed and looked around. "Where could he be?"

An electronic bell rung as the door was pushed open by a teenager in a hospital apron. The cashier of the clothing store didn't care, she'd seen worse in her line of work. "Whad'ya need?" She asked irratated, with a heavy New York accent.
He held up five twenty's and she perked up immediatly. "Hello, sir. How can I help ya?"
"Clothes, black, durrable." He rasped out in a voice that seemed on the edge of static.
"Are you ok?" She asked, while she hurried off to find some black denim jeans.
"Fine." He choked out again.
She picked up some other clothes and brought them to the register. "Would you like to try them on?"
"No." he replied.
She scanned the clothes and put them in a bag. "That'll be one-hundred-seventy-four dollars."
He pulled out nine twenty's and handed them over. "Keep the change." He rasped, and left.

The End

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