Real? Or Not ~ 11

"Whe- where- where am I," Josh said.
He froze suddenly, he was in the middle of a forest, but there was a strange sound coming from the west. He got up, he walked forward.
"There you are!" Allen said suddenly.
"Allen?" Josh began, "But I can still remember everything, what is going on?"
"I will explain in a sec, I already got us another helicopter." Allen replied, "You were the last one we found."
They got into the helicopter and took off.

Back in the hospital, mayhem had broken out. The boy they presumed to be dead was gone, and the networking of the hospital was jammed. Computers were crashing left and right unable to hold up the program that had eaten through the firewall like it was a saltine cracker. The virus over took the computers faster than the anti-virus could scan for, and before the night passed, the entire hospital network failed, crippled by the unknown malware. The next day, the news papers would host the story as a connection mishap, and that somewhere in the middle of the article it mentioned that someone had taken a scalpel and carved the words, 'Skeith was here' into the wall.

"What do you mean he's dead?" Josh asked aghast.
"I'm sorry, I read his medical files last night. He was pronounced dead minutes after we left." Allen said solemnly.
"What!?" Artemis exclaimed, behind her, Jack sat down quickly, her face completely blank.
Allen nodded, looking back at Artemis, his face haggard. "Dallas died minutes after being taken off life support."
"What! I refuse to believe it!" Mycayla exclaimed. "He was like the head tech person here!"
"It's what I read, here," He handed his laptop to her. "see for your self."
"Dallas Johnathan Thompson, pronounced dead on April twentieth, two-thousand-ten at four thirty-five. Cause of death is... electric induced seizure?" Mycayla asked. "What's that?"
"It's when there is too much electrical power passes through the central nervous system, sending it into shock." Allen replied, focusing out the cockpit window.
"After being on life support for five hours and showing no response in neural or CAT scans, it was decided to remove him from life support, for the aid of other hospital residences." Mycayla sat back. "I-I don't believe it." She whispered, and read on. "Signed by Doctor Gerald J. Foiceare." She slumped in her chair. "Aye yi yi... Who's Gerald Foiceare?"
"He's the doctor that actually tried to wake Dallas up." Allen said, his throat tightening around the word, tried.
There was a quiet sound, like a whimper held in. Allen's eyes flashed to Jack, but her face was turned to the window, only a single gleaming trail down her cheek gave any insight to her feelings. She spun around quickly.
"I wont believe it! I can't believe it!"
"But the report--"
"NO!" The tears streamed down her face. "He can't be dead! I can't believe what your saying!" She sat down in the nearest chair, crossing her arms. Mycayla went over to her and put her arm around Jack's shoulders.
"We need to get to the bottom of this. It could be a trick, Allen, could you look at any of the other reports, how about a security one from when we left the building, I want to know what happened afterwords.
He took his laptop back, and searched around. "I checked it this morning but...oh, wow."
"What, what? What is it?" Mycayla asked quickly.
"The hospital, it got some kind of virus. It tore apart the network from inside out. And..." He scanned the article, and his eyes froze on something. He turned the laptop around.
On the screen was a picture of a wall piece. Carved in jagged letters were the words, 'Skeith was here.' and under it was a skull with crossed lightning bolts.
"Your telling me Skeith took over Dallas's body?" Jack said, the tears still not relenting.
"I'm not saying anything, but Skeith is a fairly uncommon name." Their eyes locked for a second.
He turned back to the controls and turned the craft around. "If Skeith is still there, he's going to head for an electrical powerhouse."
"And where would that be?" Artemis asked.
"New York City." Mycayla whispered.
"Dahn dahn dahn!!!!" Everyone looked at Josh. "Sorry." He muttered.

The flight up the coast was a quiet one, the sun was setting by the time they arrived on the outskirts of the city. The bright lights of Time Square, already brightening up the sky. "If he was anywhere, he would be there." Allen said eying the many electric advertisements.

The End

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