Real? Or Not ~ 10

Meanwhile in Florida.

"Sir, we're getting a message." One of the attendants at the computer said. "It's...uh, oh wow. This really dosn't look good."
The attendant was reading a nuclear missle launch confermation. It said the launch command had been issued from the... it couldn't be. The IP address of the launch command, and the IP of the computer terminal he was working at were identical.
The commander took a glance at the order before commanding everyone to evacuate the premises, leaving all the children behind and unprotected for the end of the world he was sure would ensue.

In the back of the Helicopter.

Most everyone was asleep or unconscious, all were bound tightly. In the helicopter, a pair of dark red eyes flashed in the dark. Probing fingers, bound with metal cuffs, found a small bundle of exposed wires. The figure pulled crudely at the wiring, until it exposed the metal concealed in the insulating cover. He smiled in a trademark sarcastic grin, before his form hazed and he disappeared into the electronic workings of the aircraft. The handcuffs clinked onto the floor, suddenly empty, and a ghostly electronic laugh shuddered throughout the frame of the helicopter. All the kids sleeping in the back woke with a start. "What was that?" Josh asked nervously.
"Wheres Dallas?" Jack wondered; looking around. "He was there on the floor when I fell asleep."
Another ghostly chuckle issued through the cargo hold. The engine started, the large rotor beginning to spin, and increase in speed. Everyone noticed how the chopper lifted off and looked up front. There was no pilot, and every digital readout glowed red. The chopper lowered and the voice spoke. "...Much better than I thought. Very easy...Good...ha, ha, ha, ha."
"AAAHH!!" Josh and Alex yelled in unison, the girls remained quiet, but they were all becoming increasingly freaked out.
A camera in the helicopter turned and focused on the group, now awake and buzzing. "...Awake...How... Don't fear...kill them..." The voice hummed again.
Gunshots echoed outside. The voice growled in electric static. The panels suddenly went dark and the helicopter fell ten feet back to earth.
"Whats going on here!?" Someone screamed.
"Oof, ow. Let's not do that again ok?" Mycayla said, slightly dazed.
"Heh, I hope it doesn't happen again, and what in the world is going on outside?" Allen said bewildered at the activity buzzing around someone who was looking to be in bad shape.
"It's Dallas." Artemis said hoarsely. "His heart isn't beating." She didn't know how she knew that. But she did, as surely as anything else that had happened.
Despite the ten foot drop, the helicopter held up very well. Nothing looked out of place, other than a bundle of exposed cables in the corner. Voices sounded outside. "Get 'im into the copter, there's a hospital facility at the base in Florida."

The Hospital facility in the Florida base was heavily air conditioned and contained several beds, separated by curtains. Cayla, Art and Saia had been drugged into unconsciousness and they along with Dallas lay in a row of four in the hospital beds, all those still awake gathered around the beds. Josh and Annie near Cayla's, Alex sat next to Art's bed and Jack sat next to Dallas, his hand in her lap, she rubbed his fingers unconciously as she looked around the room. It was easy to see where allegiances lay. Allen, standing uncomfortably by the door, jumped as footsteps sounded in the hall outside. The lock on the door clicked open and several adults walked in. "Well well well, what have we here?" A man said. "When I heard that my employees had captured some people who had hijacked an airforce helicopter, I was expecting criminals of some caliber." He laughed unpleasantly. "Instead I get high school students, none of you can possibly be older than fifteen, sixteen." He moved along the beds, stopping at Dallas, who lay nearest the door. "Take this one off life support, he is useless to us in this condition." He kept on walking. "Pity, I would have loved to examine that mind of his. No matter, there are others." His gaze swept over the remaining concious kids. The man stopped again, this time by Arts bed. "Why is she not bound? Why arent any of them bound?" A woman, galvanized into action by the mans tone, unlocked a panel on the wall and pressed a few buttons. Metal shot out of the sides of the beds and strapped down all four bedridden kids. "I'm not taking any chances with these girls." The man continued. "They're costing me millions." He strolled back towards the door. "Take the girls to the lab, leave the boy here."
"And the others?" A small weasily man asked tentatively. The other man looked at him.
"Use your imagination." He left and three people out of his posse pushed the girls out behind him.
When the door closed, the man turned to Allen. He narrowed his eyes into a glare, "Touch me, you die." He said darkly.
He turned to Jack instead, expecting the girl to come quietly, but she didn't move, just looked at him, no expression showed on her face. "I won't leave Dallas." She said softly. "And I want to know what will happen if I go."
The man glared at her, she glared right back, the tension rose and rose until. . .
Everyone turned to look at Allen, he had shot a rubber band across the room.
"If you do that again, I will kill you," the man said.
"Come on," Allen began, "you aren't going to kill us until you find out how we know all of your information," he shot another rubber band.
The man looked angry, "You think I won't do something horrible to you just because I can't kill you." He opened the door, "Everyone out!"
"Thanks a lot Allen," Josh said as the man dragged Jack out of the room.
The group was marched down the hall and into a strange looking room, Allen was shooting rubber bands the whole way. Some strange looking technicians attached electrodes to their temples.
"Ok," one of them said as Allen shot a long black rubber band that seemed to be sparking at a cluster of wires, "you are now going to leave this place with no memory of being here or interacting with us at all, and you will never see your friends again." He finished in a sweet voice, as if he were announcing that they were all recieving awards. He pressed a button on a consul and unconsciousness claimed everyone.

The End

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